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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas Cache Stash

My wife is really on target. Living in South America there aren't too many geocaching-related gifts to give a guy or gal that is into the game. That didn't stop her. On Christmas morning she came through with two great little gifts. One was a head light that can be useful for those night cache hunts and in particular for camping and night climbing. It's not unusual to leave camp and start climbing the first leg of a climb in the dark. The lamp will be very helpful. The second gift was really neat. I got a large Christmas gift wrapped in typical Christmas paper. I opened it to find that sumajhuarmi had packed a large box full of tupperware containers, medicine bottles from pharmacies here in Ecuador, magnets, swag, logbooks and the like. What a great idea. Sounds simple and wasn't very expensive but it is one of my favorite gifts this Christmas! The next day I put some of this gear to use. Jonathan expressed interest in geocaching so I took him out on a jaunt through Metropolitan Park overlooking Quito. Our mission was to replace a muggled cache, place a new travel bug hotel and drop a large number of TBs I'd brought back from the US. It was a great day and Jonathan enjoyed geocaching. He found several caches along the way. One of his favorites was Hanger (GC19AQY). From there you get a panoramic view of Quito and the Quito airport.

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