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Sunday, August 18, 2013

On the way to the beach....Sunset Beach, NC

Nice place Sunset Beach 
It seemed like it would never get here! Finally the big day. My parents (in their 80's), my wife, our three daughters and their husbands and children, all headed out of High Point and Greensboro, NC for a week at the beach. Most years we get together and share the cost of a house at the beach. We stay for a week at a time. This year we decided on a house in Ocean Isle, NC. Just about two weeks before the trip we learned that Ocean Isle doesn't allow tents on the beach, only beach umbrellas. We are a big group and have two large pop-up tents that give good shade from the sun. It was too late to get our money back so we went to the house anyway and planned to go to a nearby beach during the day. I'll probably not come back to Ocean Isle because of the inconvenience of having this restriction on us. Second,
Ocean Isle house: good on the outside, not so good inside
the house far from lived up to the advertising. 87 Fairmont Street is not the place to stay.

On the way to the beach I stopped every hour to grab a cache along the way. There were several nice ones in Rockingham, NC and along Highway 74 headed east. I particularly liked Burmuda Triangle (GCMA7V) near Rockingham, NC. It was an easy roadside cache in one of those triangles of woods made between the highway exit ramp and the highway. Likewise Two / Two x Two / Two (GC44070) was a nice, wooded, roadside cache that was easy to find and filled with nice things.

Nice view from the dock
We all arrived within a half hour of each other in the three separate cars we were driving. Our youngest daughter and her husband met us there. They had just finished their honeymoon week at Myrtle Beach and drove up to spend a night with us before heading back home to work. Come evening and after the dishes were washed several off us drove down to the beach access. We walked on the beach with flashlights and entertained our three-year old grandson, Littleman2010. He was enjoying splashing in the water, exploring every crab hole and grabbing up seashells. On our way back I plugged in the coordinates to a nearby geocache. Interestingly, it was located only feet from where I parked the car. Along with Littleman2010 and MasterYoda1 I found Visit Our Community (GC134RG). It was an easy night cache as the streetlights were good and bright.

The next morning we drove south to Sunset Beach, NC. It was only a five mile trip to a beach that allowed us to use our tents. We got set up and had a great day. I got a way to find Sunset Beach Cache (GC5631), a multi-cache. After gathering the required information off of a sign I head the 1/3 mile to the cache location. It proved to be an easy walk and an easy find.
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