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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Five Terrain Cache on Fuller Island near Ocean Isle, NC

View from Fuller Island towards the causeway

My son-in-law and partner-in-crime today

sumajman after the find!

Ready to return home
My grandchildren were getting antsy to do something more than go to the beach. My grandson has a cast on his arm so he can't go in the water. He's really bored at the beach. He might be a touch lazy too because when I invite him to go caching he prefers to sit and play computer games. My son-in-law took off with my granddaughter to rent a kayak today. Soon the two of them were kayaking up and down the causeway. We are renting a house with a dock so we have good access to the water.

After coming back from the beach this afternoon my son-in-law and I took off in the kayak to find The Cache on Fuller Island (GC3GDZ2). My GPSr indicated that the cache was located .58 miles from our dock. Off we went, me in the front and he in the back. The tide was coming in as the sun set over Ocean Isle. Everyone else stayed behind at the house getting supper ready. Our plan was to grab this cache and get back before dark and before supper was served. As we headed north along the causeway speed boats and fishing boats created a pretty sizable wake for us as they passed in both directions. We just paddled through it. It took us about 20 minutes to paddle down to Fuller Island. We found a narrow beach where we could put in. I tried several ways to get up the bank and into the trees. The cache page said that I should follow the trail but in the fading light I had a hard time determining where the trail was. My son-in-law, sitting in the kayak, was able to spot it. I couldn't see it for the being too close to the trees. To get to it I had to wade through eight inches of brackish water. I had my eyes open for snakes and any other creature that might not like my presence. So far so good. I climbed up the bank easily and head up a slight trail under the canopy of trees. It was near dark in the open so it was pretty black in the woods. The area where I found the GZ was dry. It was obvious that it floods at times. I'm fortunate to come at this time. The cache was right where it was supposed to be. I used my headlamp to find the cache and to sign the log. I snapped a few pictures and headed back out to the kayak. The sun was setting as we launched off from the beach to begin our return trip. I wore my headlamp to mark us for the several boats that plied the waters this evening. Paddling was a little more difficult returning as what current existed seemed to be against us. We made it back in about 25 minutes. With sweat pouring off of us from the exertion and a smile on my face we pulled up to our dock. My daughter met her husband and I at the dock, thankful we made it back in before supper and just as the last light left the sky. This was my first ever level five terrain cache! It also got me to my 2390th cache!
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