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Thursday, June 6, 2013

South Georgia caching around Douglas!!!!

Willacoochee Choo Choo
As we traveled around Coffee County, Georgia, often leaving Douglas, Georgia on bearings that would look like spokes on a wheel if observed from the air, I found lots of interesting places, all with geocaches. Willacoochee Choo Choo (GC1EMT1) was in the town of the same name. I spoke to the members of the First Baptist Church of Willacoochee during the morning. On the way back out of town I convinced the driver of our car to stop and let me take a picture of the red caboose. While photographing this interesting site I also grabbed a micro hidden nearby.

Mayday Mayday!!

The Flying Cowboy Restaurant
Remembering WWII pilots who trained here

 Later in the week I walked across the street from the hotel where we are staying. sumajhuarmi came with me to find another cache. It was Mayday Mayday!!! (GC316QE), a staged crashed plane beside the Flying Cowboy Restaurant on the south side of Douglas. The crash was so well done. They had run a water pipe up beside the engine of the side away from the road. Water spray was come out in a mist that made it look like the engine was still smoking from the crash landing. Your job is to find the cache.

Douglas is also one of the locations where approximately 6000 aviation cadets were trained for World War II. They were given their primary training at this base. We toured the old barracks and a museum dedicated to these men. I called up my wife's uncle to ask if he did his training here before the war. He had gone to Valdosta, Georgia for his training. I'm glad that I made this call when I did but I regret not making a trip to see Uncle Rufus. Just a few days later he suffered a severe stroke and passed away at the age of 88 years. We will miss this American hero.

At the municipal airport we found a nice cache placed by the Boy Scouts. It took you to a memorial to the four cadets who died in training accidents and to the many from the 6000 trained here who died in combat over Europe and the Pacific.
Cool airport buildings

I hope you'll find your way to south Georgia. There are some great caches there. Maybe you'll want to take on the State Park challenge and GeoTour all the parks of Georgia. They have the caches to make it worth your while!
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