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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Some more unique caching containers

You've been mugged
Over the last few months I've come across some interesting geocache containers. Some are interesting because of their camo, their unique construction and others just because a theme or a play on a word. Geocachers are a creative lot. I hope you'll enjoy looking at a few caches I've admired along the way. Maybe one of them will inspire you in your next cache creation. Check out "You've been mugged", a cache I found somewhere (location not listed so as to not spoil the fun for someone else). This one was nothing more than a plastic coffee mug with a lid that looked like coffee. Open it up for the log sheet. Then there is "cache-go-round", a case where a simple 35 mm film container was hidden in an abandon piece of equipment. Now the tree has grown around part of it so that it is embedded in the tree. It looks like it might have been a clothes drying rack or something. I really don't know.
Baseball anyone?
I also liked one I found in the bushes at the home run fence at a baseball field. The cache page said lean in, as in lean into the holly bushes in order to see the cache. There it was, a bison embedded within a baseball and hanging from a branch.  Another cache that I enjoyed involved nothing more than drilling a small hole into a wooden light post and inserting a small plastic cache container such as we often see inside of bison tubes and then taping a small metal cover on it to make it look official.
In plain sight for all to see
Then there was my favorite patriotic cache found in plain sight along a busy highway. This was a box where you can dispose of used or damaged American flags. The owner will burn them for you. Open the lid and you'll also find a large tupperware container with all the caching goodness you want.

Strange gas station
The last one eluded me. I never could find the cache. I hope to go back and look for it again soon. I've never seen an old gas station shaped like a sea shell. It sits in an older residential area of a nearby town. I thought you'd like the photo.
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