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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Asheville Urban Trail and geocaches --- North Carolina Mountains

Close-up photo of the Asheville Urban Trail
After a soggy, rainy day yesterday we were delighted to wake to clear blue skies this morning. The sun was shining brightly and the wind died down too. We made our way into Asheville, NC with a couple hour stopover at The Cove...the Billy Graham training center. The tour of the visitor's center and the chapel were excellent. From there we headed into the heart of Asheville to do the Urban Trail. We grabbed a few caches on Tunnel Road on the way but soon found parking near Pack Square and began our adventure. I won't mention all the stops on the tour. If you are interested you can check them out on the above link. A few do desire a mention and maybe a photo. Interspersed with the urban trail sites were a few caches. The highlights are as follows:
Elizabeth Blackwell, MD
  • Elizabeth Blackwell, MD --- little did we know that the first American woman to earn her M.D. was from Asheville. Check out the bench in her honor!
  • Tops for Caches (GCHEHW) - we approached the cache from the west. As we got close we saw that a fellow was sitting on a bench nearby. At first we thought he would prevent us from finding the cache without giving it away. Not to worry! We sat down nearby. The first place my hand touched while my eyes were on Mr. Muggle was the cache itself! Job completed and Mr. Muggle was none the wiser.

Loads of ironing to do!
  • Flat Iron --- another of the Urban Trail sites. This one is even mentioned in Roadside America, a guide to off-the-beaten path types of things to see. What an iron! There was a musician playing some pretty good saxiphone in front of the iron. It's a good thing it can't fall over or he'd have been flattened. sumajhuarmi put some change in his open case to encourage him to keep on playing.

sumajhuarmi on the Cat Walk
  • Cat Walk --- another UT site. The wall that holds up Wall Street used to have cat walks so deliveries could be made to the second story stores. All that is gone today but the artist's work (cats and all) remains.

What is it?
  • Paley's Passion (GCJKC9) - strange art work that didn't make the UT but because of the cache we had to stop by. What is it?

For the birds

St. Lawrence
  • Puzzle Cache: Cache of St. Lawrence (GC38M7R) - This was an offset cache and was lots of fun. At first our eyes didn't focus well enough to get all the info. Once we go our heads on straight it all came together. Fun cache!
  • FYW - Wolfe micro - This one had me down on my hands and knees looking for it. It was kind of hard to be stealthy beside a busy street like this. Found it though!
  • The Asheville Urban Trail #21 (GCGNDA) - this one is a virtual. Had a good time with it. The music machine was interesting.
Strange sound machine
We spent almost four hours on the trail with these caches and sites. Downtown Asheville has some interesting sites to see. The shops and restaurants along the way are nice. Some are sidewalk cafes. The Mellow Mushroom was the most interesting looking of them all. If you get the opportunity to visit Asheville, NC, check out the Urban Trail and all it has to offer. Maybe there will be caches associated with each site in the future. Keep on caching!
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