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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Yahuarcocha Cache and its story, northern Ecuador

When in north Ecuador a must is a visit to Yahuarcocha, the lake of blood. A good friend hid Yahuarcocha (GC2F4C2) for the caching enthusiasts. The lake is located some 4 kilometers north of Ibarra and is a popular location for weekend get aways. Today there is a race track running all the way around the lake. Most weekends it is open to the public and you can drive all the way around the lake to access the many different locations suitable for picnics and family outings. Be sure you look for the cache while you are here. Many people aren't aware of where the name came from. Inca Huayna Capac led the conquest of this part of Ecuador over 500 years ago. The Caranqui tribe resisted the Inca invasion but were conquered. Huayna Capac, according to legend, took his revenge on the resistance by having every male above the age of 12 years old put to death and the bodies dumped into the lake. The waters turned red with the executions.
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