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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Person's Ordinary, Littleton, NC

On a recent visit to the Littleton, NC and Lake Gaston area I had the chance to get out with my friend Allen and do some geocaching. It was a perfect winter day with sunshine and cool, not freezing cold, weather. Littleton hosts two geocaches associated with the Person's Ordinary. One is a replica of the building located on Main Street. This was our first stop. After finding Halifax 7 -- Littleton (GC2P2BZ) we moved on to the real thing. The next cache is located on the southbound road heading out of town. It was close to the old stagecoach trail. This historic one and a half story wood frame building has been maintained by the Littleton Women's Club and can be toured if you make prior arrangements. It is the oldest landmark in Littleton. An ordinary is another word for a tavern. It was a popular stage stop along the Halifax-Hillsborough stagecoach trail where travelers could rest up and have a meal before continuing on their journey. It was also possible to spend the night. The ordinary was the property of Thomas Person (1733-1800). He was an Anti-Federalist leader in the state and had been involved in the Regulator movement in opposition to federally regulated taxation by corrupt colonial officials. Records indicate that the ordinary was operating by 1770. The day we stopped by we were able to approach the building, find and log the cache without being observed. We took some time to look around the building and the grounds. If you get the chance to visit the area make sure this is one of your stops. Person's Ordinary (GC2M8C9) is well worth the time.
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