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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Some interesting North Carolina Piedmont caches

SPOILER ALERT FOR PIEDMONT NORTH CAROLINA - I had fun on several recent cache hunts in the Piedmont of North Carolina. Here's to highlighting a few interesting and enjoyable caches. On a hot, sunny afternoon I set out to go caching with my grandson. His mom called me to say that they were running late coming back from church and could I come a half hour later than planned. I was too eager to find some caches and I was ready so I started driving to their house but planned to stop off for one along the way. This was Another Dam Cache (GC2F57F) and it was reputed to be a difficult one. One cacher indicated that one of the caches he found served to help him find this one. Great! The cache he referred to was still on my DNF list after several tries. With 30 minutes to give it I pulled in and started tracking to the GZ. Loggers encouraged you to trust the coordinates even though they take you to an open, mowed field. Where in the world would this cache be hidden in a field with no trees, no rocks, no nothing but grass cut down to the ground? I set my swag bag down at what averaged out as ground zero on several approaches and started to go over the ground foot by foot working my way outward from my bag. I wasn't too far out when I saw what looked like a coke bottle cap stuck in the mud. I bent down to pick it up to throw it away at the parking lot trash can. Eureka! The cache!

I talked my daughter into coming with me on one cache run. We headed out near the airport to pick up a few. Most were easy park and grabs because I knew she wasn't going to go for any woods caches. One of our favorites that caused us to pause for several photo shots was Bull Market (GC1XVNZ). When I do a downtown --very urban-- cache run I prefer to do it on bike. Finding parking is often difficult with a car or truck so this works better for me. I had a great time biking through downtown High Point to pick up a few urban micros. One was Ole - A tribute to John Coltrane (GC131H4). I know those stopped at the stoplight in their air conditioned cars thought the crazy biker had gotten to much sun as I looked high and low for this one. One that I had found previously but was along the same route was Dirty Drawers (GCXDYY). High Point, the furniture capitol of the world, has several slightly over sized pieces of furniture on display. This cache is looked nearby.
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