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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Zamora Knows the Time

While visiting the high jungle town of Zamora, Ecuador I had the chance to get out and hide a geocache. I've spent time in the jungle before and am accustomed to the heat. I really like the cool mornings and evenings we have here. It just isn't as hot as most jungle locations. The town has a beautiful park and river running through it. I made my way to the upper reaches of the town where there is a large clock embedded in the mountain. You can look up from almost anywhere in town and see the time. I thought this was a great place to place a geocache, Zamora's first! I had to watch out for muggles but was able to find a place for a micro near the clock. Due to bad signal I give instructions on how to find the cache by walking a certain distance from ground zero. It should be pretty easy. Congratulations to luzian from Switzerland for the FTF on Zamora Knows the Time (GC2FJZD)? If you get the chance to visit Zamora, it is the entrance to Podocarpus national park and is situated near a beautiful waterfall.
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