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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tracking Ryan's Arrival TB

This past summer I released a travel bug, my first and only so far, called Ryan's Arrival (TB33FDM) . It was to celebrate the birth of our third grandson on 21 June 2010. I released it in a TB hotel near the RDU (Raleigh-Durham) airport in central North Carolina. It didn't take long to realize that one can wait a while for TBs to move. Folks were discovering it but for their own good reasons were not moving it along. Finally after a month and a half (yeah, I know; that's really not long) it was picked up and within the month was placed in Nevada. Now as far as we know it is in southern California. Each time it moves I send a note to my daughter so they can track its movement too. It's destination is to come to Quito, Ecuador. We had hoped that it would make it here before little Ryan came to visit with his parents. Earlier this month his parents, his other grandfather and he spent 14 days with us! We had a great time. I see a future geocacher coming up! Maybe this TB will make its way to our beautiful adoptive country soon. Ryan got to meet all our friends. It wasn't uncommon for him to go from arm to arm. One of my favorite photos is of him with Marie Perugachi, one of our best friends. Like any grandfather I'm proud of the boy. Check out the new born and present-day photo of the little man!
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