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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Milestone: Ecuador has 100 caches!!!

Living in and promoting geocaching in a small Latin country has been a challenge. Finally we have an Ecuadorian geocacher with whom I'm able to work and play to see the sport progress. Hats off to jimnet2005 for his efforts! Recently jimnet2005 placed the 100th cache in Ecuador! I was honored when he allowed me to find it and then asked me to mark the location with my GPSr and allow him to include me as a co-owner of the cache. Tourism drives the bulk of the cache finds in Ecuador. I can name on one hand the number of active geocachers who live in Ecuador. So join us in celebrating a major milestone for Ecuadorian geocachers! Check out Ruta de las cascadas: Ecuador's 100th cache (GC2M833).
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