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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Quito's Parque Metropolitano Geocaching

We had just arrived back in Ecuador with a handful of Travel Bugs and Geocoins that we brought from our furlough in the US. It took us about a week to get the house in order and get to the point we could give some time to geocaching. Finally on Saturday we decided to go up to the park overlooking the city of Quito and do some cache maintenance, hide a few caches and even find one. In spite of the drought Ecuador is experiencing (power outages from the lack of hydro-electric production, etc.) we had a beautiful, sunny day. The grass was dry and we saw sign that some of the area had been burned by forest fire. We headed out with our hiking poles to find the one and only cache here we'd never found. It was Ropa Vieja (GC). We hiked across two small, rolling hills and down a trail to make an easy find of this one. Thanks FreeCuba for the cache. It means "Old Clothes". It wasn't until two days later while reading Facebook that I noticed that FreeCuba was keeping the kids and playing batchelor. He posted a picture of a steaming plate of rice with a delicious looking thick meat stew on top. It was called Ropa Vieja. The story in Cuba is that a poor man didn't have enough food for his family so he cooked some of his clothes and it was turned into food to feed his family. I wrote and found out that the cache is named after this favorite dish of his. From Ropa Vieja we checked on a few more of our caches, two being TB Hotels where we dropped all the travelers we had. Then it was time to check on some caches that we'd temporarily archived. While we were gone all this time a few had gone missing. Don't you hate it when one of your favorite cache containers goes missing! Near the big yellow alien figure was a really nice blue lock n lock container that is now gone. My wife had three caches to hide. That ought to give the few cachers we have here and the tourist who come through something to do. It will seem that we are preoccupied with old clothes when your read about this next one. Close to the place where she hide her last cache we found a pair of blue jeans on the ground. Just recently a YouTube song had gone viral called "Pants on the Ground". It was from an America Idol audition and it was funny. Paula couldn't resist naming the cache by the same name. We wrapped up a four-hour outing at a small snack bar in the park. This the way I like to spend an afternoon with my Paula!
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