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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Caching Visit from MTMAN2

Recently I had a wonderful visit from MTMAN2, a physician who came as a volunteer on a medical team to work with one of the local churches ministering in the poorer communities. MTMAN2 had come to Quito several times before and had even found one or two of my caches. He wrote me and arranged for us to meet. We were able to arrange a day of geocaching. All in all MTMAN2 was able to rack up 20 caches that day, most in Parque Metropolitano. We began in the valley far below the park where he was staying. I drove out to Cumbaya (no singing please, that is the real name) and met him. We went down the street less than half a kilometer where he became the first one to find and sign the log on a micro hidden in the Cumbaya Reservoir. Someone had indicated a find some months back but they must not have had a pen in the moment. We then climbed up several thousand feet in elevation in the car to the Metropolitan Park on a mountain ridgeline overlooking the Cumbaya Valley to the east and the city of Quito to the west. From here on I pretty much served as a guide with the exception of one find which we did together. It was a fun day off caching and visiting. Several days before hand I hid a cache in honor of my new friend. It is called MTMAN2 surveys his work (GC23Z9P), because MTMAN2 has been working in the Cumbaya Valley with medical teams. It was a fun hide, one that resulted in me spending a little time in my shop preparing this cache. I won't go into the make up of this micro cache, I'll just say that it is a little tricky and completely different from anything we've seen so far in Ecuador. I guess it pays to cache some in the US where you can pick up some tricks. I look forward to when my geocaching friend returns to Quito for some more caching. He comes every two years to Quito and goes to other places the odd years. Thanks MTMAN2 for a great day of caching fun!
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