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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Caching in Downtown Richmond

We recently visited Richmond, Virginia. While there in late September I had some free time to do some geocaching. I started at the western extreme of Broad Street and worked my way towards the old historic district of Richmond. There were lots of micros and a few regular sized caches. As in any city there were the obligatory numbers of LPCs (Lamp Post Caches, otherwise known as Lamely Placed Caches). Even with the LPCs it was a fun day. I found a very strange building. I guess cache Big Baked Potato (GCXRV0) refers to the strange shape of this building. I think it looks like a space ship from 1960’s TV. The cache was really neat. SPOILER follows: It was encased in asphalt and looked like a loose piece of the stuff. It blended in well and was in a well-protected location. See the photo. Along with the alien look came the nearby and rather interesting sign for Extra Billy’s BBQ. Was one Billy already too much? The closer I got to the center of town the more the caches turned to historical themes. I really like the Jefferson Davis Monument on Monument Avenue. The cache was an easy one. I was most impressed with the history. What a beautiful street with its old well-kept houses. A little further into town is the Science Museum. Just behind it is a nice, easy cache involving a stroll in a nice little park area. Check out Holly’s Revenge (GC1NH22) if you go to Richmond. Check out the old trains nearby. Closer to the center of town is the Hot Milk (GCPYH9) cache. I couldn’t get to it. A muggle was taking a nap right next to where I needed to rummage to find the cache. I know where it is and will have to go back some other time when I travel to Richmond. This cache brings you to two historic buildings. One is the Richmond Diary. Check out the photo of the building. Wow! Right across the street from the diary is an old firehouse. It no longer serves that purpose but remains an historical landmark. If only I had more time. There are still many caches to visit in Richmond.

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