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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Caching along Reedy Fork Creek

Recently I attended my 36th high school reunion in Greensboro, NC. Actually it was one of those reunions were several classes got together. While there I caught up with an old friend I hadn't seen for years. Dan lives in Greensboro. I'm the one who went far away. Somewhere in the ensuing conversation we ended up talking about geocaching. Dan was intrigued and we agreed to go out and find a few caches. Just about 10 days later we managed to link up at a lake just north of the Greensboro. I had picked out a route that went from the road around the lake and up to where the Reedy Fork Creek's several branches emptied into the lake. I'd already read that once I'd gotten the caches along the north side of the creek that it was better to back track and come around the lake and get the others. The previous cacher was emphatic that you didn't want to try to cross the several branches of the creek. That's what we did. It was a beautiful fall day and the leaves were colorful. It was a great time to catch up on all that had gone on in our lives for 30 plus years. On the last cache I on the south side of the lake I somehow entered in bad coordinates. Due to my bad coordinates we ended up doing just what had been advised against; and we had a great time doing it! We were like to boys exploring the woods. We forded three creeks and did it going and coming. We walked across fallen trees, built a bridge on another and got a little wet getting across yet another. I don't think I've seen as many briers as I saw this day. We had a blast. One of the caches was called Stonehenge (GC1TW2T). Everyone that found it was asked to add a stone to the structure. This was a pretty easy GZ to find as the structure keeps growing. This one is stuck way out in the woods far from anything. Top the day off with the fact that my college freshman daughter drove home to be with us this long weekend.
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