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Sunday, March 14, 2010

A run in with the Mafia

SPOILER ALERT FOR GREENSBORO, NC: I'm taking every chance I get to get out and cache, particularly when the weather is good. Today was a beautiful clear day. It started out freezing but warmed up into the 60's during the afternoon. The afternoon included a slew of urban caches. The most interesting was related to the local High Point Mafia, a team of geocachers with a mafioso fame. I once attended a geocaching event that they put on. They go all out with the costumes and all. Looks like they have a cache centered around the theme of what happens when a family member or employee becomes a snitch. It is Offer U can't Refuse (GC1YVAR). I parked in the empty office building parking lots across the streets from the wooded area where I would find the cache. I walked across the expansive yard in front of the building, disturbing the Canadian geese as I walked past. Negotiating the mud slick hill to get down to ground zero took some doing. Once there the coordinates were right on. As you can see from the pictures there wasn't much of a challenge finding the cache. It was true to the theme. Looks like they cut off the snitch's hand, ring and all. They left some of their weapons in the guitar case too. I traded travel bugs and grabbed some pictures of this creative cache. Thanks to the High Point Mafia for this fine cache!
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