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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Geocaching my way to Georgia

While on furlough we visit a number of churches. We recently had the opportunity to travel from Greensboro, NC down Interstate 85, through South Carolina and into Georgia. We ended up in Monroe, Ga for five days of speaking in supporting churches. On the way down we hit patches of rainy weather but that didn't stop us. Soon after passing the big peach water tower at Gaffney, SC we began picking up a few caches. One with historical significance was Possum Trot (GC1HC4M) a micro in the woods near an old-room school house built in the 1880's that has been moved and preserved. Next up was NUT CASE: Acorn-y Cache (GC195C3). This was probably my favorite of the entire trip. This is a spoiler so be prepared. When we got to the GZ we found a pretty hefty acorn hanging on a cable that we let down in order to get the 35mm canister out and sign the log. People are pretty creative. While in Monroe, Ga we spoke in five different churches. One day they took us to visit a small, rural church near Farmington, Ga where one of Southern Baptist's missionary heroes lived and worked during the Civil War years. Lottie Moon was a young single private tutor during the early 1860's when she attended the Freeman Creek Baptist Church. Lottie went on to become a well-known missionary who corresponded regularly with the stateside constituency during her long years in China. She was instrumental in helping Southern Baptist see the need for a cooperative giving program to support missions work overseas. If you are interested in learning more about Lottie Moon, check out Another of our favorite sites was a Dukes of Hazard cache near the town of Social Circle, Ga. It is Alcovy Trestle - Dukes of Hazzard#1 (GC1AB79). I can just imagine Bo and Luke Duke driving the Robert E. Lee across that trestle bridge. Social Circle, GA is an interesting little town too. We broke away for an afternoon of caching there. The town got its name from a visitor who came upon a group of men sitting around a well near where the center of town now stands. They were hospitable to the stranger and invited him to join them in the circle. He stated that they were truly a "social circle". The new community had a name. I visited the First Baptist Church of Social Circle to speak. One of the Sunday School classes took me to it's most famous landmark, the Blue Willow Inn. What a country cooking spread they had there! Our little Georgia excursion was a blast. Let me recommend that you go down to Georgia when you can and find you some caches. Stop by Social Circle too.
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