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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cache #1200!

Back in August Paula and I went out caching in the summer heat. We came up on one that I just had to get. Paula, the wise one, stood off to the side saying, "I wouldn't go in there if I were you. That looks like poison ivy all around that log pile." Did I listen? No. Did I pay for it? Yes. I finally found relief after a bottle of calamine lotion, other anti-itch creams and finally a visit to the clinic to get a shot. I marked that one off to revisit and find in the dead of winter. Well, I finally got that smiley. It was a pleasure to get at this one because it was on land that used to be Edwards family land. In the 1870's the widow of fallen Confederate soldier Joseph Edwards and her five boys moved from south center Guilford County, NC up to a farm nearby. One of the boys, Oliver Adrian Edwards married and moved over to Hickory Grove Church Road. I don't know if he built the log house they lived in or if he built it. I know that he worked on the railroad at nearby Jamestown as a switchman. Oliver was my wife's great-grandfather. She never knew him as he passed away in the early 1900's. Three years ago the county took a large piece of the land for the urban loop going around the south side of Greensboro. In the process the old house was leveled. In the dead of winter after the snow melted I worked my way in from the dead end piece of the road. The brairs were less of a problem and the poison ivy wasn't as much of an issue. I know you can get it in the winter too but the plants were nothing now. I arrived at what looked like a log jam in a river. After a little climbing around I spotted the cache. What was near impossible to find in the summer was much easier. It was nice to find my 1200th cache on a piece of land that holds historical significance for me. If you're in the Greensboro area check out I am Mrs. Ego (GC1JQAG). As a matter of fact, check out any of the caches by egodeflater. They are always a challenge and fun!
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