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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Adam's Farm Caching

My grandson and I went out on Christmas Eve afternoon to pick up a few caches. It was a beautiful day but a little windy and cold. We were both excited about the promise of the evening with our family and because of the presents sitting under the tree. I think I did a favor to his mom and dad by getting him out of the house. He couldn't wait for the family gathering for supper, to read the Christmas story from the Bible and to exchange gifts. I think the last one was foremost on his mind. He's eight years old. We decided to visit a few caches over in a nice suburban area called Adams Farm. There is a nice lake there with great trails, parks and lots of geese by and in the lake. After a little stop at the playground so my grandson could play on the swings and slides and so forth, we headed around the lake to the GZ. The snow and ice were still on parts of the paved trails so we had to be careful. We found Down on the Farm (GC1A8BM) along the trail. It was an easy find in an obvious place. I kind of wondered if the owner might not live in the backyard that borders the trail where we were. That would be a great place to place a cache and watch the cachers find it. We headed back home after this one and got ready for the big night of fun and family.
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