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Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Piedmont Environmental Center

The fall rains have set in. When all this rain stops we'll start to see some brilliant colors. Rain or no rain, the caching must go on. Actually, there was a little break in the rain this week and I was able to stay pretty dry. The Piedmont Environmental Center near the High Point City Lake is close to where Wendy, our oldest daughter, lives and has been on my radar screen for some time. The night before I had been cooped up too long in the rain and feeling the stress so I headed out to try to find one of the caches in the PEC at night. I enjoyed the night hike but came up empty-handed. The next morning I hit the same trails in the daylight and found every single cache on my list. These are a series of caches, most put out by the same cacher, scattered along the nature trails that run along the City Lake. I really enjoyed the hike in the woods, the solitude of the hike and the regular size caches. I was able to drop a number of my Ecuador signature items as I went. Along the way I saw deer and signs of beaver activity. One of the caches along the way had been muggled. It was near the beaver work. The only think left was the lid to a regular size lock n lock which had teeth marks on it. I suspect the cache had been beaver-muggled. Can beavers be muggles? Check out the caches here. You'll get a great hike and find some nicely stocked caches for trading. My favorite two of the day were Crushing Claws - Challenge of the WDC! (GC1KHNW) and Glistening Scales - Challenge of the WDC! (GC1KHQJ).
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