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Friday, February 13, 2009

Travel Bug Hotel

I have to use it or lose it when it comes to vacation. My vacation days don't roll over after the year ends. This usually results in me having to take a number of days of at the end of the year. Actually it has been great to have the days off. Since being laid up after shoulder surgery and then having several trips in December, I was still holding a number of Travel Bugs I'd brought back from the US. I was under conviction because I'd had these in my hands for about a month and they really needed to be placed. Finally, in the days between Christmas and New Years I was able to go drop half of these in Karen's Caper Travel Bug Hotel (GC182AC). But I had brought back a lot of TBs. The best solution was to create another Travel Bug Hotel. I don't know what you think and I am interested so please use the comment option to share your thoughts. I believe that if someone creates a Travel Bug Hotel that he or she should be willing to allow the travel bugs to flow freely in and out with no restrictions. I've come across a few TB hotels in the past that specified that you had to trade one TB for one TB. Now if we are talking about swag, that is a good rule. But if we are talking about trackables which have a misson to travel, then to place these restrictions is to limit the ability of the TB to complete its mission. If someone can take one or all of the TBs and help them on their way to complete their mission, then I'm for it! I once heard another blogger call these types of restrictive caches "prisons", not "hotels". He might be on to something. I made the decision to make my TB hotels open. Don't want anybody singing Hotel California around here ("you can check out... but you can never leave"). Anyway.... I took along a muggle who was interested in learning about geocaching and showed him how to do it all. He helped me hide a second TB Hotel named Brandon's Travel Bug Boarding House (GC1K4MD). The first hotel is named for my granddaughter so her brother was waiting his turn. Now I hope that given the freedom to move any and all these TBs along some of our tourist geocachers coming through Quito will help us out!
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