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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Trantulla Alley Cache, New Mexico

I had a wonderful visit to a really different part of the US, namely, New Mexico two hours west of Amarillo. I've been to Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Glorietta, all in New Mexico. Boy was this different. Actually the terrain was more interesting as I moved into New Mexico. It was pretty much flat and dusty in the Texas panhandle. In New Mexico there was some terrain relief along historic route 66. As I drove along I could see the plateau rising to the south. This plateau just continues on to the south. Not but about 20 miles into New Mexico I came to the small ranching community and town of San Jon. This is where my friends live. I called to get specific directions while at the visitor center and told them I'd be about two hours more before arriving. There was a cache calling my name. From San Jon I went about five miles south on a straight road to where I climbed up on the plateau. As I approached I could see the wind farm on top. There must have been 30 giant windmills turning in the sunny and strong wind. My GPSr brought me up to the top and then into a large public park area. I parked the car and followed the needle. I came to a large canyon running out to the east. The embankment was too steep to get down so I had to back track and find an easier and safer way down. The cache was down in the canyon. It is called Tarantulla Alley (GCH4VZ), a fitting name as the area has its share. The climb was interrupted only by the occasional sound of a small rodent moving in the brush and the constant swishing sound as the giant blades of the windmills on the hill above me kept pace with each other. Down in the canyon there was little wind. The climb down took about 15 minutes. I found a gully wash carved by snow run off which made the descent easier. Sure enough, the cache was right where the coords predicted. What a vista all the way down the canyon. The eastern end opens up to the great plain leading back towards Texas. In no time I was noticing that my hands were drying up due to the lack of moisture. I'd take care of that later, for now I wanted to take in all the beauty of this strange place. Had it not been for geocaching I'd have near known about this place, much less come stumbled upon it. I like caching in groups but today was a great day to be alone and enjoy the beauty of God's creation.
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