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Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Visit to the Home of Bush's Baked Beans....and Duke, of course

I tried to get to the recipe but couldn't
We enjoyed our recent trip to Tennessee. Of course, this meant looking for geocaches along the way. We decided to visit Pigeon Forge for a while before continuing on our trip to Athens, TN to visit family. As we were headed south off of  I-40 we suddenly came upon the town of Chestnut, TN. Suddenly there was the sign and a huge factory. It was the Bush's factory. We just had to stop along the way. There's a nice little museum, gift shop and a restaurant. Up and down the road are some nice caches worth your visit. I didn't see one dedicated to this famous site nor to the dog that wants to sell the secret family recipe. The closest cache to Bush's was JCPS Chestnut Hill 4 (GC39MRJ). We tried to get the secret recipe but gave it our best shot.

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