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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Claustrophobia Anyone?

Welcome to the Big Water Bottle
One of my favorite local caches is Grande Garrafa de Agua (GC5300Q), located near the Palladium Shopping Area in eastern High Point, NC. This is located close to where I live. When I read the cache description I thought I might be getting into a tight situation. When I drove into the area my GPSr almost zeroed out, signifying that I was almost over the GZ. But this is open fields and a road. I'm looking for a regular size cache. How could it be?

This is pretty much one way right now
It was what it was. The GZ was near a rain drain along the road. It had to be one of those claustrophobia caches. I head for the lowest ground around. Sure enough, the drain pipe. Out with the flashlight. I didn't want to bump my head nor did I wish to crawl and get my knees wet. Hunched over I could probably make it. There was a little light at the end of the tunnel. Or was that really the end of the tunnel? I set out after storing my GPSr so it wouldn't end up in the water. After about 100 feet I came out into a box-like area with a manhole cover over head and a little light. There were several options now. Straight ahead or off at an angle to the left or right? I chose to go straight ahead. I pushed on, even with the pain in my back. Finally, another box-like area with a drain overhead. I could hear a vehicle pass overhead at times. What if I were to get stuck in here? What if I were to pass out and no one knew where I was? May this wasn't such a good idea. No one knows here I am. Maybe I should re-think this. But then, I'm almost there. On I went, just a little further and there it was. I found my pen, got the container opened, signed it and began my trek back to the open world. I must admit, it's better to have this one off of my cache list and behind me. Thanks to the cache owners for the adventure! Now what?

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