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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cordell Hull Birthplace Geocaching

While on a trip into the Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee I had the chance to skirt up near the Kentucky border and find a cache called Peaceful Beginnings (GCK9JN). At first I didn't know what this was all about. The cache page doesn't say much about what to expect. When I arrived and saw the name of the highway leading out to the GZ, I figured out the historical significance of this location. Cordell Hull, famous for his involvement in bring into being the United Nations, is a favored son of Tennessee. When I got to the park it was closed. The skies were heavy and ready to rain on me. It had been raining already. I tracked to the GZ and started one of those crazy bush hunts. Within a few minutes I had the cache and was on my way down the path to see some of the other buildings that are part of the Cordell Hull home place. I couldn't go inside as all was locked up but the site was very interesting. This part of Tennessee is pretty!
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