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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Secluded end of the island geocache

North end of Ocean Island looking south
Ocean view coming back out from the cache find
During a lull in our beach time while everyone was interested in staying in the air conditioning, I took off to look for a few caches on Ocean Island, NC. Several years ago while we vacationed on Emerald Isle I found a cache at the end of the island where the inlet meets the ocean. It was a fun cache so I was quick to plan a trip out to the northern end of Ocean Isle to see if the experience was just as nice. It was! I followed the directions on the cache page. I parked in the last legal parking and walked about 1/3 mile to the beach access. The inhabitants of this end of the island are struggling to stay about water. The beach-side houses are sandbagged with very large bags, much bigger than a person could lift. These had to be placed by machine. As the tide comes and goes, it exposes some beach. During high tide, the water comes up onto the large sandbags. Will these homes survive? Who knows.

A lovely place to hide a cache
As I walked out to the north of the last houses to find the prescribed beach access, I curled through a green picket fenced sandy access to the beach. Just as soon as I came out of the access way I was met by a beautiful view of the northern end of the island. The beach was gorgeous and their were only a handful of people there. I marked it down for another visit with my wife later. We've been on a crowded but nice beach for several days. The peaceful and quiet beach was a welcome change. I tracked up the beach and was almost the only one for a quarter mile. I found a jeep trail over the dune and soon found myself in the scrub land. I tracked right to the GZ and within a few moments found the cache. Back in the bush (GC213NR) was a fun cache to get to. The fun was in the hike, the scenery and the solitude.

The next day I brought my wife, one of my daughters and her husband to see this beach. We collected sea shells and enjoyed the quiet. I recommend this cache to anyone coming to this island. There are others worth your time. For me, this one beats them all.
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