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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Southern Alabaman geocaching: a bug and a rail car hide

It was a pleasure to visit southern Alabama after so many years. While in the Army I was stationed at Fort Rucker, AL two times. We made lots of friends in the area and had a great church family at Macedonia Baptist Church in Enterprise, AL. While visiting recently we had the opportunity to go after a few caches. One was close by and the other was further west in Evergreen, AL.

The first one would be a big spoiler so I'm not going to list the cache information. We'd visited the U.S. Army Aviation Museum at Fort Rucker and were returning to Evergreen when we stopped off in the center of one of the towns along the way. This cache has been around for a long time. I remember visiting this downtown area 26 years ago. It's still an interesting place. I also saw an interesting monument while there. People in these parts say that the folks here were pretty dependent on cotton as their major crop. After all, Cotton was King in the south! As times changed it became a less productive crop. What were folks to do? One town raised this monument to thank the Boll weevil bug for wiping out the cotton crop and forcing the people to look for a better crop. That better crop was and continues to be peanuts. As we walked through downtown we paused to take a picture of the statue. 

We continued our trip westward, passing through Opp, Alabama. Opp is famous for its annual Rattlesnake Rodeo. Imagine messing with snakes. We didn't stop. sumajhuarmi wanted no part of snakes.

sumajhuarmi and sumajman
As we entered the town of Evergreen we decided to stop in for cache L & N 39 (GC268VZ). Like many southern towns this town has a railroad caboose parked in a small public park. We had a muggle friend with us at the time and he helped us. We examined every part of the railroad caboose that we could see and thought we'd looked everywhere. We started another search of the same areas when suddenly I felt something. There it was. A magnetic keyholder sticking in one of those little hiding places. I know folks in the little town of Evergreen thought we were crazy crawling around underneath the caboose.

My only real complaint about caching in this part of the state is that there aren't as many geocaches in this area. I hope that local cachers can build up the sport. 
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