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Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Blowing Rock: highland North Carolina geocaching

Depiction of the legend

sumajhuarmi with grandfather mountain background

The Blowing Rock

sumajman and The Blowing Rock

Park in the town of Blowing Rock

sumajhuarmi in the park

It was great to be able to get away for a time just the two of us to celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary. This year we decided to go back to our college stomping grounds. While there we visited the scenic attraction called Blowing Rock. We enjoyed visiting the little town that gets its name from the large cliff that has the same name. We followed the signs until we arrived at The Blowing Rock. We enjoyed the museum and bookstore for a while, then we paid a few dollars and went out on the rock and into the little park area that is also accessible. The views from here are spectacular. You can see grandfather mountain in the distance. No, it's not because they named a mountain after me. One of my younger friends has his day coming but for now he likes to kid me about my being old enough to be a grandparent. I'm proud of it and love my three grandchildren very much.

Legend is that an Indian brave was in love with a young Indian woman. Being torn by his duty to return to his people and help them in the defense of their territory and that of staying with the young maiden caused him to throw himself off the precipes. The maiden prayed for his return and her prayers were answered. He was blown back up onto the cliff to her. Every since the winds have been said to blow this way. As you stand on the rock you can feel the force of the upward bound wind.

We also took a walk in the city of Blowing Rock. What a beautiful little town. In the park we found a cache entitled The Wind Blows Through Time (GCB2E6). It is a time capsule designed to be opened one hundred years after its placing. I can't say much more without giving too much away. Further down the street we found the Kilwin's Fudge Store. We enjoyed a hot chocolate and fudge to warm us up after the time out in the cold.

You'll want to visit the North Carolina mountains when you can. The Appalachian Mountains are beautiful year round. It was fun to visit just before Christmas time though the wind can be brisk. I hope you'll come see our great state!
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