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Sunday, December 16, 2012

12-12-12 Geocaching Events... the next one is a long way off

It was good!
4Freds, sumajman, chanak80 & Rickydee48

XX, Chickenlvr413, sumajhuarmi, 4Freds & checkcacher

The alignment of the 12s only rolls around once in a hundred blue moons so we had to take advantage of the opportunity to get together with other geocachers. Two other factors helped influence us. First, Groundspeak was giving a souvenir for all who attended a geocaching event or found a cache on 12-12-12. Second, Nigh-Hawk selected a great place for our meeting. We went to the local China Buffet with its great selection of Chinese food.

We rolled into the parking lot ready to arrive at 12:12 pm on 12-12-12. Night-Hawk was waiting in the parking lot to welcome cachers as we arrived. One of our group, a prolific geocacher in the North Carolina piedmont region, informed us that he was to have his foot amputated on 12-13-12. What a shock as we were unaware that he was suffering from poor blood flow in his legs and that it had got to the point that he was to lose his leg. We will lift him up in prayer. He seems committed to get back to geocaching after a lengthy rehabilitation.

It was great to see faces that I saw several years ago when I attended one of these events. It was really good to see some good friends. We met up with chanak80 and chickenlvr413. We had introduced them to geocaching in 2009. We also sat with a husband and wife team that go by 4Freds. They have two children who also cache with them. It was their 20th wedding anniversary! We also met Rickydee48 and his wife. We had a great time sitting at the table as the event closed down talking about our experiences in overseas mission work. All are geocachers and members of the same church. We had a great time of fellowship and catching up over a great meal. One of our geocaching friends is check-cacher. She is standing at the end of the table in one of the photos. She is famous for her gap series of geocaches throughout the piedmont area. She works at a bank; thus her geocaching name.

As we wrapped up a number of folks headed out to find the 12 new geocaches that were activated during the morning. We have the organizer, Night-Hawk, to thank for the extra smileys. This was just the first of several geocaching events we hope to attend over the Christmas and New Year holiday!
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