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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Building a home for a missionary friend, Yarinacocha Peru

Drew at work
House about to fall down
A new house going up
Some special friends
Ayda, Raul and David with the final product
I'm impressed with the folks at MINAP (translated into English it means Peruvian Amazon Native Integrated Ministry). The missionaries in this group are all Peruvians who are from about five different tribes located in the central and southern jungle. They are Shipibo, Conibo, Juniquin, Yine and Machiguena people. The organization tends to rotate one of their field missionaries back into their headquarters for administrative duties. Recently they've brought in families to fill this administrative role who are suffering some jungle sickness and need a year or so to recuperate. This past year Raul and Ayda came to live in the Yarinacocha base for MINAP. It has been a pleasure to get to know them. We had the opportunity to become their friends. This has been nice. When we learned that the house they would live in was about to collapse from age, wind and wear we were able come up with a plan to replace it. The MINAP organization agreed to tear down the old two story house and with the lumber that was salvageable raise a roughed in house frame. It had no floor, no walls, no roof nor room divisions inside. Months out we invited some friends from a church in the US to come and help us. Five good friends took their vacation days to come and work in the hot sun to provide Raul and Ayda a nice jungle home. Geo-Turismo Amazonico is happy to have been able to participate in this activity. Together with some of the workers in this organization we are hoping to establish some geocaching series for tourist who come to the central jungle. If you get the chance to visit the central jungle be sure to stop by MINAP. It is located near the Restaurant Tuyuyo in Yarinacocha. Be sure to check out the geocaches placed by GTAbusquedor, Dav&Lin, and sumajman.
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