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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Muggle initiation

Abi with a cache
On our last day at the beach I was joined by my wife (sumajhuarmi), daughter (rubialoca) and her boyfriend to finish out our caching experience on the Grand Strand at Myrtle Beach. Abi (his nick name) had never heard of geocaching so I had intentionally reserved some regular sized caches and a few easy micros for him. Fortunately we were able to find them all. Abi seemed to enjoy it, helping us find all the caches. Would he have been interested in caching if rubialoca wasn´t along? I don´t know. I hope so. One of our favorites was
rubialoca, sumajman and sumajhuarmi at the sea marsh
It´s NOT Not on a Hill (GC10N5Q). Another cache that was both educational and took us to a beautiful location was Hog Inlet Sea Marsh (GC1GB5C), an earthcache. Later while logging the caches and explaining the website to him we swung over to his native Mexico City to see what caches were nearby his home. He was amazed that such a game could exist and be some hidden from plain sight. Farewell to North Myrtle Beach and a great but short vacation! Oh....a few days later Abi facebooked with me and wished I'd hurry back so we could go geocaching again soon.
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