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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Geocaching: WWFM Bungle in the central Peruvian Jungle - 9 June 2012

I think that we participated in the only World Wide Flash Mob in all of South America today! Check out Bungle in the Central Peruvian Jungle (GC3JEHA) . Our little jungle town doesn't have many geocachers. As a matter of fact, other than Dav&Linda, sumajhuarmi and myself (sumajman) geocaching here depends on the occasional tourist coming through to do eco-tourism on the Ucayali River. As is the custom we approached ground zero a little before high noon on 9 June 2012. We found a park bench not far from the tall Clock Tower in the park overlooking the Ucayali River near the Pucallpa port. The park was full of people out enjoying the unseasonably cool (read: "nice") weather. It was an overcast day with a breeze and we were in the mid 60's temperature-wise. We were loving it. As the clock struck twelve and began to chime we moved to the coordinates, opened our cache box and signed the log. We thought we might be the only ones there when up walked Dav&Linda too! Together we concluded the log-signing business and set about getting a few pictures of the location, our WWFM IX sign and the Peruvian flag we had. We found a family that was visiting the park and taking pictures to get our group picture for us. Then we climbed up on the higher level of the clock tower to look at the Indian designs in the glass windows. By the time we finished this the clock was chiming at 15 minutes past the hour and we left. We reconvened at a local restaurant in the Hotel Mercedes several blocks away for a nice meal and visit by the pool. Dav&Linda had just returned from Lima yesterday and had stories to tell of their geocaching adventures there. I'm eager to follow the reports on WWFM IX. If all goes well there will be over 10,000 participants world wide today, all at the same hour. We contributed a little to that number. If you are interested and would like to know more about the WWFM visit or visit this link.
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