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Thursday, May 26, 2011

5 Posts

SPOILER ALERT for the Orlando area. Central Florida was great! I enjoyed getting out and finding a few caches within walking distance of the conference center. One of my favorites was 5 Posts (GC1QH69), hidden in a small patch of jungle not too far off the road. I went to the GZ one day during my lunch break but could not find the cache. I went back and read the logs and was convinced that I'd seen where it was. Many of the logs said the name was of no help to us. The only thing out of place that I'd seen was a deer stand up in a tree. I spotted four metal spikes driven into the tree for climbing purposes. Could these be the "posts" that the name referred to? Where was the fifth then? I went back the next morning early but still came up empty handed. I was convinced it was up the tree but I couldn't get there. The stretch between one of the spikes was too much for my hurting knees so I decided to call a friend to come help me. Back at the conference I rounded up two friends to come with me. One was a lot younger than me and he agreed to climb the tree. He was up the tree in no time. The hint said that the cache was about four feet from the top. Could it mean from the top of the deer stand? Maybe it would be in the Spanish moss hanging there! But that wasn't to be. Where could it be. From his vantage point in the tree my friend suggested I check out a pine tree stump about 15 feet away. It was about six feet tall at the point where it was broken off. I was sure I'd been around that stump. So I went over and checked it out. There is was about a foot off the ground and approximately four or five feet from the top! How did I miss it? But why the name 5 Posts? The cache was an electrical box strapped to the tree. I lifted the cover and there was my answer. There were electrical five posts and a plastic bag with the log page stuffed inside. Now I understand the name. This was a unique and interesting cache worth a mention on the Andean Trekker. I'm gathering some ideas for Latin caches as I go. Thanks to my friends idea and his willingness to climb a tree for me I have another smiley and a great memory of my trip to Florida.

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