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Sunday, February 20, 2011

A visit from FindJoy

Every now and then a fellow cacher that we don't know from Adam is coming through Quito and writes us ahead of time in order to get together. We have enjoyed every opportunity to get to know those who come through. Recently I received an email from a gentleman in California telling me his wife was coming through Quito after visiting Loja province in the far south of Ecuador. She wanted to release a travel bug and couldn't find any caches in Loja province. Since caching is still catching on here that is not unheard of. We arranged to meet on Saturday as she came through Quito. As we drove up to the Metropolitan Park overlooking the city of Quito we saw a lady that matched the picture we had received. Sure enough when we asked it was FindJoy. Off we went to find a place to park the truck and then find a cache where she could drop her soon-to-be-released travel bug. We worked our way down the hill to Karen's Caper Travel Bug Hotel (GC182AC) and released her TB. We had a great time getting to know a little about FindJoy. So, in honor of FindJoy and because she was lamenting the absence of any geocaches in Loja Province, my wife and I decided to place a cache near the city of Loja. We hope that FindJoy and her husband can come looking for it someday! Check out FindJoy's Loja Log (GC2FN1N).
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