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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chile Celebrates 200 Years as a Nation!

I finished up some meetings in Santiago early and was back to my room, changed and out in the warming spring weather headed for Cerro San Cristobol, (Columbus Hill). I walked to the hill and took the lift up to the top where there is a tall statue of Mary. The first cache, Cima del Cerro San Cristobol (GC2BKMF), proved to be a challenge. It required that I go over the fence and out to the ledge to look for a small cache in a space between two rocks. It might be there but my first sweep proved fruitless. On the second sweep the guard caught me and made me come back over the fence. So much for that one. On I went to look for the second one. I walked and ran down the hill to a park near the bottom of the hill. La Fuente de los dioses (GC2BMZD) also proved to be a muggle-infested challenge. When I got to the GZ I found a host of workers erecting a tent right over the fountain. There was no way to look in the fountain and find the cache without revealing it. I moved on. Zero for two. Not to good. I worked my way to the parking area outside the park and struck gold. I found Desde Provi con Amor #1 (GC2EX09), signed the log and decided to continue on even as evening was approaching. I crossed the river and paralleled it for 1.3 miles to the bicentenial park. Chile celebrated its 200th birthday last month. Vive La Republica Chileana! Bicentenario (GC2FGE3) was a fun cache right by the river. Now it was getting late. The sun was on the horizon and I had over two miles to the next cache and then another mile to get back to the hotel. I pushed it and made it to the park. Fortunately the park had lots of street and sidewalk lights. Parque Ines de Suaraz (GC290Z8) was a fun micro. With a pen light I was able to find the point on the ground that was mentioned in the clue and then find the cache. It was dark and foggy now. I made it back to the hotel satisfied at the amount of exercise and the few cache I found today. Santiago in the springtime when the sun shines is nice.
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