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Sunday, September 19, 2010

This cache sat 22 months waiting for an FTF

In a previous blog I told about my climb up Sincholagua Volcano and how I hid a cache at the base of the volcano. Finally after 22 months a tourist from Germany has logged an FTF on Eleven Good Years (GC1FV2N). I noticed where MTMAN2 from Ohio had marveled in a note in the on-line cache log that this cache was still undiscovered after many months. I suspect that no cachers had ventured into this remote corner of the Cotopaxi Volcano Reserve. Boy have folks been missing out on some beautiful country. The lava plains below the mighty and impressive Cotopaxi volcano give you a feeling that you are in a lonely place; and you are! We had a great climb, beautiful views, and a perfect campground beside a brook. If you are a first to find hound, come on down to Ecuador for your opportunity. I have three caches that have been out for a long time and are waiting to be found. Casitagua (GC1G9RD) is going on 23 months in its lonely mountain top hiding place; Ilaniza, La Virgencita (GC1N83W) reaching for 18 months at the base of that volcano without a finder and Xtreme Training (GC26FFZ) relatively new on the block with four months along a major road going through the Ecuadorian rain forest and no takers.
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