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Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Day at the Dixie Classic Fair

My wife, college-age daughter and I met up with our second daughter and her husband and went from High Point, NC over to Winston-Salem, NC. The Dixie Classic Fair is an autumn treat in these parts of North Carolina. We got there in the early afternoon and enjoyed a day of rides, good food and fun. We met some nice people during the day! Of particular interest was a Quichua family from Otavalo, Ecuador. We started out speaking to them in Spanish and then shifted over to Quichua. Our daughters were particularly pleased to meet them and to carry on a conversation using some much missed Ecuadorian Spanish slang. The rides were great. My wife and I hit the ferris wheel from which we got a great view of the area. The younger ones hit the more violent (that's what I consider them to be) rides. You can't get me on them. The exhibition halls were full of crafts, commercial exhibits and the like. I never could spend the amount of time that my wife does looking at the decorated apples. Just when I thought that we had exhausted every category of decorated apple in existence, then we started with the decorated potatoes. There was even a first place ribbon on a bail of hay! That was real fun to watch. I really enjoyed the country village from yester-year. There was a blue grass band playing music that held my interested until they quit. They were good. Around 6 p.m. my wife looked at me and told me that I'd better go get my geocache. I had plotted out two caches in the immediate area to look for. I left the fair with the obligatory stamp on my arm so I could get back in. The first cache proved to be too difficult with all the muggle traffic coming to the fair. I headed off to the other one. It was located a little further from the muggle traffic. My GPSr took me over onto Wake Forest University property. Fortunately the overflow parking for the fair hadn't reached as far as the area I was searching. I found Loompaland (GC116XZ), signed the log and hid it without being observed. Back to the fair and back with the family in a total of 40 minutes. We stayed on at the fair to see the rest of the exhibits. Our real goal was to prolong things until time for the fireworks. We ate supper and watched a man carve wood into sculptures with a chain saw. Some would say you'd only see this in the south but this fellow was from Michigan. The fireworks were great. I've never stayed so long at the fair. By the time we departed it had been 10 hours since we arrived. We had a great time and look forward to doing it again when we are home this time of year in 2013! If you are every in Winston-Salem this time of year, don't miss out on this fair. Check out the caches close by too!
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