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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA caching!

Recently we made a trip to Lynchburg, Virginia to see our daughter who attends Liberty University. We arrived on a rainy Saturday and thought that our weekend would be cold and wet. Saturday was that way. Our daughter is not much for football so we weren't among those who got drenched in the stadium in the evening. Sunday broke clear and beautiful. The sun came up and the day was beautiful. After attending the Hispanic Church service at the Thomas Road Baptist Church we ate lunch and headed up on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Our first stop was Peaks of Otter (see lake picture with peaks). The leaves are just starting to change. We saw deer, our daughter for the first time. Yes, she has lived in Latin America almost all her life and hadn't seen a live deer. We stopped and hiked a section of the Appalachian Trail near the Apple Orchard. It was beautiful. We worked our way north to the James river and then drove back. It was a beautiful day. We stopped at the Peaks of Otter lodge to look for Peaks Master of Disguise (GC1VW37). This is a beautiful location but it appears that this one has been muggled. From the Parkway we headed down to the historic town of Bedford, Virginia. It is distinguished as the town that lost the largest number of young men during the D-Day invasion. The national D-Day Memorial is in Bedford and we are told worth the visit. We didn't have time to make the visit and hope to go back. We picked up several caches in that town. One of my favorites was a virtual cache at the courthouse. It is D-Day (GC3019). We headed back to campus and an evening of fun being with our daughter. On Monday morning I had the chance to head up on Candler's Mountain. It overlooks Liberty University and is a part of the campus. There are some great caches on the wooded mountain trails there. I enjoyed the solitude of the mountain. I could see the whole valley across to the blue ridge from there. Liberty University has a monogram on the mountain side with a big "LU". I passed that and the new snow flex facility where you can do year-round ski and snowboarding on a special turf. It was all interesting to visit. I didn't have time to visit all the caches on the mountain. I'll have to come back again to finish these up. We said good-bye to our daughter and headed off for meetings near Richmond, Virginia. We took the most direct route across country instead of taking the Interstate. That allowed us to pick up a few caches. This brought us through the geographic center of Virginia. We stopped and grabbed Geographical Center of VA (GCWJQY). If you get a chance to visit Central Virginia make sure and check out these caches. Virginia has some great trails with caches!
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