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Friday, December 5, 2008

Cache hide on the coast in Lima, Peru

I arrived in Lima this afternoon on the COPA flight, took a taxi to my lodging in the Miraflores section of town, dropped my gear, grabbed my camera and GPSr and headed out the door. I took a taxi over to the costenera (the coastal park high on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean). My mission was to find a place to hide another cache as well as to check on one of my caches that has had a string of DNFs. Yes, I live in Quito over 500 miles away. How is it that I can have caches in Lima? I asked for special permission from the reviewer and got it because I travel to Lima an average of six times a year; enough to maintain these caches. Most geocachers in Lima are tourist who stay in one of the nearby hotels. The costenera is a popular place to go walking or biking. It is a large sidewalk winding along the cliffs of the coast through park after park. I figured that my Surfview cache (GC1H1CP) had been muggled. The area where this one is hidden is along a paved trail that breaks away from the main sidewalk at street level and descends through a small valley that leads down to the ocean. From most places along the trail you can watch the surfers in the cold Pacific Ocean. It makes me think of the Beach Boys "Surfing USA" song. It mentions Peru by the way. When I arrived at the GC I had to wait until some surfer muggles came up the trail with their surfboards. Once they were clear I began to look and right away found the cache. I'm not sure what threw the last three cachers off. There were several who had signed the cache since the string of DNFs but none had gone on line to log their finds. I was happy to find the cache was still there. Back up the trail to the top of the cliff and south through the parks. Soon I came to the coastal lighthouse. Now this would be a great place to hide a cache and there is adequate distance between this location and the other caches. I had a small container ready to go but there were so many muggles there. Add to it that Lima does a great job maintaining the parks. To hide one in this location would take some very good camo and the cooperation of geocachers. Supreme stealth will be required if a cache at the lighthouse is to survive. I had a prescription medicine bottle with a log sheet inside a small ziplock bag. To my right were a young couple. They seemed pretty interested in each other so I don't think that they were watching me too closely. I found some dried vines along the bank. I wrapped the container with the vines to provide the orange colored bottle some camo. I could take up basket weaving. I was proud of my work. I waited and waited. In the end I decided that this location close to the lighthouse just had too many muggles. I moved a little further south, maybe a 100 ft, and the muggle factor dropped significantly. This was the place. A look to the left and the right, no one looking, I stashed the cache in its place. Now to mark it. They thought this was a telephone so they suspect nothing. Mission complete! Wow, I was a little light-headed. This was the most walking I'd done since my shoulder surgery nine days ago. Back to my hotel in a taxi instead of walking. I logged the visit to Surfview and the new hide Lighthouse (GC1JNZO). Many of the tourist geocachers when they log their finds lament that their aren't more caches in Lima. Now there is one more. Enjoy!
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